Ubisi Metals | Recycling and Refining services

For all your recycling removal needs

Ubisi Metals aims to be the best and the primary choice for all your recycling removal needs.

Equipped with the latest vehicles, equipment and reliable staff, you can rely on our recycling services to provide
waste collection that is convenient, efficient and cost-effective.

Computers, Printers, Motherboards, Steel, Aluminum recycling services to major large-scale
Company office Equipment disposals projects.

Eco-efficient Recycling and Refining Services

• We offer eco-efficient recycling and refining services for precious metal bearing materials such as by products from
other non ferrous industries, consumers and industrial recyclable products. (Electronic scrap)

• We recover and sell precious metal (Silver, Gold, Platinum, palladium) .

• Special metals, secondary metals and base metals. (Lead, nickel).

• We put them back in the cycle for a better life.

• Recycling of Safes.